Friday, July 9, 2010

Free Agency News To Go

-Steve Eminger is on the move again. The former first round pick (12th overall, 2002) was traded for Aaron Voros and Ryan Hillier. Thanks again to Philly for sending us the pick that became John Carlson and for taking Eminger off our hands!

-Boston resigned Mark Stuart for one year. Here is a guy you know exactly what to expect from - strong defense and physical play, and nothing else. A good third pair defenseman.

-Edmonton signed Ben Ondrus to a one year deal. Pat Quinn's hand seems to have influenced this signing greatly. He is not a good hockey player, is not big, and will not have much of an impact on the team, but he is a good depth forward and is set to replace the Ryan Stone's on the roster. But he will probably play a lot in the AHL, since he is a fringe player at best.

-NY Rangers signed Dan Girardi to a one year deal. Good signing for this marathon man - he has never missed a game since he debuted with the Rangers midway through 2006.

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