Friday, July 16, 2010

Capitals take a page out of the losing handbook

Capitals signed former Cap Brian Willsie to a one-year deal. This move [hopefully] brings the veteran winger back to the team with which he started his uneventful career, the Hershey Bears.

It is easy to argue that Willsie had great chemistry when he played for the Caps before, noting his career season in 05-06. However, he played for a team that was downright awful, but had a rookie Alexander Ovechkin dragging along Matt Pettinger to an uncharacteristic 20 goal season, a number he has yet to match, even in the AHL.

Other Capitals having career best seasons that year: Dainius Zubrus, Ben Clymer, Brian Sutherby, Bryan Muir, and Chris Clark - though he went on to have an even better season the following campaign.

The 6'1" 202 pound winger, who plays much smaller than his petite frame would suggest, is the latest addition to the chinadoll collection known as the Washington Capitals.

Yet again, the Capitals get beat in the playoffs, and fail to realize why they lost. They actually go out and find more players who will help them lose next year. Incredible.

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