Thursday, July 8, 2010

Caps sign Schultz, Fehr, and Gordon

On the 29th, I posted that the Caps qualified nine players. Of these, three have since been resigned. First up was Boyd Gordon, who signed a one year deal worth $800,000.

Gordon is a good signing, like I said, and comes at a steep bargain. On any other team, he would be a third liner, but the Caps have Steckel and Laich in front of him, so he is relegated to fourth line center/right wing duty. A highly effective checking center, Gordon is amazing in the faceoff circle, and is well known for taking few penalties (66 PIM in 303 GP). $800k is a pleasant surprise.

Next was Jeff Schultz, the gentle giant. He signed a four year deal worth $11 million. I was predicting in the $2 million per season price range, but seeing all of the big time pay raises above average defensemen got this offseason, I should have shot for a higher number. This is a good price range and a good length for a guy that needs to learn to spell "bodycheck".

Today was the surprise pay raise afforded to Eric Fehr. He signed a two year deal worth $4.4 million. Fehr gets fourth line minutes but second/third line pay. Odd. I wonder how much he would have gotten in arbitration.

No wonder the Caps issued a stand pat order in the offseason. They are planning to overpay complimentary players instead of bringing in the elements that they need. Oh well, at least we can look forward to a full season of Green getting run from behind by the big bad East.

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