Monday, July 12, 2010

EA Sports NHL 11 Trailer released

The NHL season is over, and that can only mean one thing: time for the next-gen video game trailers to be released.

Last year's model was a great game, with only a few improvements over the previous season. This year promises to add junior hockey to the game (not sure if this is only playable in BAP Mode or in all modes), which is a pretty cool touch. Of course, there will be new and better checking and deking animations, and one particularly cool sounding feature: total user control, in which we see several Hawks players kicking pucks to their sticks or making diving desperation plays.

There are a plethora of new stick animations, including broken sticks, passing a stick to a teammate, getting a new stick from the bench, and playing without a stick. This sounds cool, but I hope there is a slider bar for this feature, because I feel stick breaking will occur with too high of a frequency. Also, I wonder if there will be broken sticks from shots only, or also from slashes.

The new faceoff engine looks cool too. We see Getzlaf pushing Pavelski off the puck, and Stamkos kicking the puck between Backstrom's legs to take a quick shot.

Disallowed goals sounds good in theory, but will be likely occur too frequently.

Here is the video for those who have not seen it yet:

Sounds cool.

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