Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?

We've already got our money, why play hard?

Screw guaranteed contracts. Just look at the Philly remake of the childhood favorite Wizard of Oz, "starring:"

Scott Fartsmell (19) as the Scarecrow - If I Only Had a Brain
Daniel Briere (48) as the Tin Man - If I Only Had a Heart
Braydon Coburn (5) as the Cowardly Lion - meow
Riley Cote (32) as Dorothy Gale - I Just Want To Go Home

Well children, we're not in Kansas anymore. This is the playoffs, so start fucking acting like it. Hit, chase, dig deep, get fired up, and score some points. Boucher has been left to fucking dry two games in a row now. Get it together, I don't care how. Game three in Philly tomorrow, act like you care - the fans do (as evidenced by 1/3 of the Rock being filled with loud and proud Flyers fans for game two). The livers in Philly are depending on you.

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