Sunday, April 18, 2010

Game 3 - Home of the Second-Best Home-Ice Advantage Fans in Hockey

That Sound You Heard at the End Was NJ Realizing They Stood No Chance

Crosby Sucks!

Hey Ref You Suck!

Mandatory. So Synchronized, Colleges Are Jealous

Can you tell I'm ready for some Game 3 action? 6:00 Eastern can't get here soon enough. Let's not forget this semi-recent gem courtesy of the Washington Post and its sorry excuse for hockey coverage, courtesy of sports "columnist" Mike Wise 'Beaten To the Punch':

"The fans wore orange instead of the Capitals' red, and many of the women and children looked as if they could work security for Megadeth."

I'll leave this alone for now, as this needs no commentary (very difficult for me, as this is one of my FAVORITES). The T-Shirts rolled out at the next home game (sample):

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