Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flyers @ Devils Game 1 Observations

  • Ilya Kovalchuk is about twice as fast as the entire Flyers roster combined. Holy freaking crap. I'm pretty sure he was found changing in an old-school phone booth before the game...
  • Ian Laperriere wears a mouth guard??? Like beer without alcohol, what's the point? This is basically the equivalent of putting air bags on a motorcycle or an ice hockey team in Atlanta.
  • Mike Richards refuses to be out-done by Pronger. Nearly invisible until Pronger scores, then he slaps one in too.
  • TSN coverage is way better than anything on NBC or VS. I doubt USA ESPN could do better. Maybe it's time for TSN to expand into the US?
  • Brodeur is now mortal? Huh?
  • Briere STILL can't play a game without his stick in the air half the time.
  • The Devils have plural scoring threats, possibly the best collection since their EGG (Elias/Gionta/Gomez) line. Now it's Kovalchuk, Elias (still? c'mon man...), Parise, and Zajac. For the Devils, that's a cornucopia.
  • Devils fans are retarded. You score a goal and chant "Hey, you suck"...but you're down 2-1. Let's not forget, that place was quiet as a church on Sunday during their "Let's Go Devils" music. No one spoke.
  • Philly didn't want it enough. Why play defensive on a PP late in the game? Stupid crap like that loses you games. Stomp the throat, skate on (for those who suck at sarcasm, that's not literate).
  • NJ wants it. 6 forwards on ice during empty net time. Nice.
  • Philly fans: Booooooooouuuuusssssshhhhhhh! Keep it loud and proud!

Apparently the Devil likes little girls...pedo....


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  1. I told you the Devils have great scoring. Couple that with their speed and the Flyers won't have a chance to win.