Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Colin Campbell is an idiot (pt. 20?)

Darren Dreger reports, via TSN.ca:

On a pre-playoff conference call on Monday, Colin Campbell, the NHL's director of hockey operations informed coaches and general managers of what the league views as potential postseason hot spots.

The threat of any confrontation in the pre-game warmup is of particular concern to the league. To the point, Campbell warned the 16 teams, if an altercation mars the series, the offending team could lose a roster spot on the night the incident takes place, meaning the disciplined team would be forced to play the game with 17 skaters and two goalies.

In light of a recent incident, the Flyers-Devils series has the potential to turn nasty. Philadelphia forward Dan Carcillo was suspended two games for crosschecking Devils forward David Clarkson in the head late in a game on March 28th. The two teams haven't played since.

In a regular season game in Toronto in 2007, Rangers forward Sean Averyenraged Darcy Tucker and a collection of Maple Leafs, sparking a pre-game skirmish.

Fines and, or suspensions will be handed out if something similar occurs this postseason.

Late game “message sending”, namely a fight or a seemingly deliberate intent to injury when the game is out of hand was also strongly discouraged by the league on Mondays call with threats of suspensions and fines.

A year ago, Philadelphia's Dan Carcillo was given a one game suspension for an apparent butt-end to Pittsburgh's Max Talbot's face as time expired in the Penguins 4-1 series opening victory. Flyers coach John Stevens was also fined $10,000.

Finally, coaches and general managers were also told goaltender interference will be watched closely.

The Phoenix Coyotes are sure to remind round one officials of this on a game by game basis as Detroit's Tomas Holmstrom has mastered the art of screening, deflecting pucks, and generally agitating opposition goaltenders.

The NHL intends to watch Holmstrom and all “crease crashers” closely, and Colin Campbell suggests it's best to stay out of the blue paint to avoid a penalty.

The National Hockey League understands it's an intense and emotional time of year. However, the tolerance for what the league considers unnecessary, as per usual in the playoffs, will be minimal.

Way to be, Colin. Instead of letting a series play like a series, we want a few individual games against a common opponent instead. The playoffs are the playoffs because of message sending, relaxed penalties (especially goaltender interference), pre-game altercations/shit stirring, and so on.

Encouraging teams to avoid the goalie crease? Punishing teams by forcing them to play with one fewer roster spot? We are actively trying to avoid fun, physical hockey, and PROMOTE RIVALRIES. Isn't that what the NHL was bragging about having? Good rivalries? What the NHL still seems to fail to realize is that a 6 game set between the Caps and Thrashers isn't a rivalry. A 7 game series full of fights, iffy hits, grinding, and hatred between fans and players alike is what makes a rivalry.

The Devils and Flyers could be a great series. Let the Dan Carcillo story arc play out. Let PLLL and Clarkson take care of business. Let Asham and Hartnell stand on top of Brodeur.

Nah, we want Kosher hockey. Lots of triple axels. I hope there's some good baseball on tv.


  1. If that actually happens, I guarantee Hartnell gets 20 minutes in minor penalties. The retard can't even stay on his skates, and they expect him to STOP too? Yeah right.

    If I recall correctly, the Caps/Flyers opening series two-ish years ago was AWESOME because of the frequent goalie smashing. The players for the most part defined that series, and now that 'rivalry' is starting to bubble again.

  2. Are you talking about the series that you went to two games of? As you may recall, I never got to see it, save the last 30 seconds of game 7.

    But I'm sure that Ovechkin/Richards preseason fight may have helped fuel the fire a bit.. haha

  3. Yep. The refs didn't even whistle when Thoresen nearly had his nuts literally blown off (shattered cup).