Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simon Gagne did WHAT?

Today's Philly@Ottawa game brought out the absolute worst in the NHL's joke of officiating and war-room reviews.

Exhibit 1: Anton Volchenkov clobbers Gagne into the boards (0:56 mark)

How is it that goes totally uncalled, the Sens get a goal (which if it was a penalty, whistle is blown once a Senator touches the puck), and then Simon fucking Gagne gets double-minor instigator (face shield/visor rule), 5 for fighting, and a 10 min misconduct - Volchenkov only gets 2 minutes? And the Sens keep the goal. And then a 7 minute PP. If they got the call right in the first place, none of that crap happens.

Exhibit 2:

Unavailable at the time I'm writing this, but it seems literally everyone not in Toronto's "war room" for replays could see the puck over the goal line, and a Senators defenseman close his hand on the puck to pull it out of the goal. Yeah, there's a few things wrong with that one too. So for now, I'll just link you to a thread on hockey-fights.com, since it has less bias than I do.

Exhibit 3:

No penalty.

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  1. Gary Bettman loves guys like Volchenkov and Kronwall. The never fighting Euros who just love to dive into guys like John Lynch and throw elbows, then hide behind their teammates when a scrum ensues.

    I'm just mad I had Gagne benched on my fantasy team.