Sunday, March 14, 2010

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This is Ovechkin's third GM this season. He had one a few years ago for boarding Danny Briere.

He will not be suspended:

When a player or goalkeeper has played in 41 consecutive regular League games without being assessed a stick-related major and a game misconduct penalty according to Rule 20– Major Penalties or Rule 22 – Misconduct Penalties, he will have the previous game misconduct penalties removed from his current record. They will remain part of his historical record.

This is his 42nd game since. Go figure.

I agree that this should not be a game misconduct, or even a major. A double minor is out of the question because it is not in play for a boarding penalty, but a minor would suffice. My understanding of the rules is that a major is reserved for intentional, negligent, or otherwise dangerous plays. This was a hockey play. Ovechkin pushed Campbell a la Apolo Ohno on Ahn Hyun-Soo. Ovechkin is too big, too strong, and was skating with too much speed, so he had his way with Campbell, who succumbed to the momentum and fell awkwardly into the boards.

The rule states that a boarding penalty is to be imposed when a player is thrown violently into the boards after being checked. This was clearly the case. However, the rule also states that the player with the puck must avoid putting himself in a compromising position, which clearly did not happen.

Now, my theory is that the NHL brass wanted Ovechkin to be tossed to avoid any confrontations on the ice in a nationally televised game. The players have been fed this nonsense about not retaliating, and trying to get the other team back by scoring goals, and for this trick to work the player in question has to be removed from the picture. If Ovechkin stays in the game, he will get in several confrontations, which is against the NHL's ideal image.

The Blackhawks should have responded by clobbering Green on the very next shift, and for the rest of the game. Hit 'em where it hurts. Maybe they would've won. Instead Green had 2 assists, a +2, and a shot on goal, and continues to be among my best fantasy performers.


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