Sunday, March 21, 2010

Interesting fight: Scott Hartnell/Jim Slater

Jim Slater is not a fighter. Entering this weekend, in his first 323 career regular season games, Slater accumulated six fights. Then he encountered a home and home with Philadelphia.

On Saturday, Slater fought Dan Carcillo, who has quite a few fights under his belt. I'm not sure who started the fight, but Slater looked to be pretty aggressive in initiation from the camera angle I saw.

Then on Sunday, a pretty funny fight happened. Slater pressed the issue with Scott Hartnell. Hartnell got a few good shots in; nothing looked to really land solid, but he was throwing well. The two separate, Hartnell takes off his elbow pads, and as he is taking off his visored helmet, Slater dives right in and tackles Hartnell. The two squared up and instead of letting Hartnell remove his protection from his face, Slater just jumps on top of Hartnell.


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