Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Philly @ Tampa, 3.2.10

I got out of class just in time to catch the midpoint of the third period. As I turn on the tv, I see Carcillo just settling into the box. It turns out that due to poor camera work, despite being on national television, that the fight was not even aired.

About three minutes later, Konopka and Asham fight.

And in typical newNHL fashion, the linesmen jump in way too early. Big surprise. The players don't even protest it, but they are visibly upset. Right when the fighters really get swinging, the linesmen jump in. As I recall, the linesmen are supposed to only intervene when it is safe to do so, if the players are done fighting, or if there is an obvious disadvantage for one player.

Whatever. Sharks/Devils now. Hopefully Gary Bettman's all tucked into bed now with his teddy bear, and we can see an actual fight...

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