Sunday, May 16, 2010

NHL Conference Finals

Here's your quick guide to the NHL Conference Finals

#7 Philadelphia Flyers vs
#8 Montreal Canadiens

Two of the most passionate fan-bases, in the same series, meet again. Despite being the two lowest initial seeds in the Eastern Conference, this series should be great, and well deserved for both loyal, high-pressure cities. Montreal's sensational goalie Jaroslav Halak should be on everyone's mind when it comes to the NHL playoffs MVP (Conn Smythe), and the 3-ring circus that is the Flyers infirmary leaves everyone to guess 'who will step up next'? Is it pumpkin-hour for the Orange and Black, or will we see another French surrender?

#2 Chicago Blackhawks vs
#1 San Jose Sharks

If you're a fan of hockey, you know that Chicago is a lock to win. San Jose manages to find its way out of the playoffs year in and year out, despite promising regular season records and stellar home-ice domination at the Shark Tank. Will this be the year they shake King Kong off their backs, and compete for the Stanley Cup, or will the young and talented Blackhawks help Marian Hossa reach yet another finals?

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