Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don Cherry Is Retarded

Remember this gem last year when Alexander Ovechkin did his fire dance with the stick? Yeah...pot calling the kettle black, comin' right up

Hypocritical Moron

Fine, I get it. You're overtly in love with everything Canadian. Whatever. You love Boston, fine. You despise Daniel Carcillo. Okay. But this, is just plain stupid, start at the 3:15 mark.

Seriously? Carcillo (6' 0" 205 lbs) should only go after guys like Colton Orr (6' 3" 222 lbs, or Carcillo +3" and +17 lbs), but Marc Savard (5' 10" 191 lbs, or Carcillo - 2" and -14 lbs) is off limits? Savard is too small, Carcillo should only pick on guys his size? Really? Carcillo is more similar in height and weight to Savard than Orr, but oh wait, he plays for Boston. If Cherry doesn't like it, he makes shit up and hopes his blind following engraves it in stone. Carcillo is a bully and a coward? How about he's adapting to the "new" NHL, where divers are rewarded (the entire Pens* roster), and suckering guys into retaliation magically grants you power plays (Sean Avery). You don't like it, fix the fucking NHL.

That Colton Orr incident was a game the Flyers needed to win, and with the way the NHL calls penalties (think back to that bullshit Daniel Carcillo vs Matt Bradley call yielding a Washington NINE MINUTE POWERPLAY or Simon Gagne vs Anton Volchenkov call yielding a fraudulent Ottawa goal and an Ottawa SEVEN MINUTE POWERPLAY), Carcillo picked his spot. When some guys do it, they're smart, but Carcillo isn't? Cherry even went on to say Savard got what he deserved! C'mon. Carcillo is a middleweight agitator, who's role has changed to mean more to the team (22 points this season), while Orr solely exists as heavyweight muscle (17 points in his entire 6 year CAREER). There was no "help me" or any of that crap, get over it Cherry.

I know Savard is a scorer, and very valuable to his team - but he got what he deserved. You don't slash a goalie's glove, especially after the whistle. Savard also has a suspension on his record for biting in the past, which is certainly more Jarko Ruutu's style.

Jarko Ruutu After Signing His Ottawa Contract

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  1. Did you call Cherry a Boston homer? He's a Leafs homer through and through.