Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crackdown on Diving?

Philadephia #48, 2 Minutes for Skating Near Crosby

"Terry Gregson, the NHL's director of officiating says the league is cracking down. Gregson says embellishment was evident in the first round."

"Prior to Round Two, Gregson reminded his officiating staff that they are in charge of the integrity of the game and they must do everything they can to uphold it."

Darren Dreger via

We'll see if they really mean it this time. I would love nothing more than PPs getting cancelled out due to diving/embellishment. Even better, I'd like to see a diving as the ONLY penalty called tight. Hooks aren't hooks if it doesn't affect the skater - I don't care about "parallel to the ice" or dumb shit like that. Same for slashing resulting in broken sticks when the league refuses to set standards for flexibility/rigidity/resistance. Keep in mind, this is a tough game, featuring guys like Ian Laperriere - who despite losing a half-dozen teeth and needing around a hundred stitches, finishes the game.

NHL players are professionals and should act as such. We all know that elite players can skate amongst the best in the world - so why do they fall so easily? Because diving is accepted, and the league is turning into a special-teams game. I hope they are serious about diving, but chances are, it'll fade just like last time.

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