Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Game Hunter

The Capitals finally named the fourth member of the coaching staff, rounding it out with Tim Hunter.  One of the toughest to ever lace 'em up (8th all-time in PIMs, thank you very much), Hunter is familiar with the organization and with his fellow coaches, having previously coached in DC from 97-02 as an assistant, including the famed Cup run of '98.

A long time assistant coach of Ron Wilson, Hunter has spent the better part of the the past 30 years working with the NHL.  His expertise and wealth of knowledge will prove key, as Hunter brings the most experience to a relatively green coaching staff.  Between Oates, Johansson, and Kolzig, the three have coached a total of four years in the NHL.

For those who were unaware, Hunter is widely considered to be one of the better fighters of all-time.  This thread from serves as strong proof.

Grade: A+!  I wanted Berube, but instead we bring in a guy who has far more coaching experience, and a Stanley Cup to boot.  Hunter should have a profound impact on the way the players approach the game. 


  1. No idea he was such a brawler before. It will be interesting to watch how the style of play evolves over the next season (if we have one).

  2. Unfortunately, a valid point, Bob.

    Time will only tell, but I think with the coaching staff we have now, the players will be more receptive. At least I hope so.