Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rick Rypien vs the Fan vs the NHL

Pow, Right in the Kisser

So the verdict is in, and Rypien gets six games. According to the practically canon code of conduct of the NHL, in chart form below, this seems about right. Normally I'd cite a bunch of other suspensions, and take shots at the NHL's impartial dispersal of supplementary discipline, but what's the point at this stage anyway.

Needs No Introduction

It is rather interesting that the stadium crew did have a hand in this all happening, as the tunnel cover was not in place, but that certainly does not excuse such an egregious error in judgement. It is worth bearing in mind that there were failures in several layers, not just the fan (fan behavior will be a post for another day, I'm sure) and not just Rypien. At least the NHL suspended Rypien, because the No Fun League let Giants RB Jacobs' helmet flying into the stands incident go unpunished and somehow swept it under the rug all together. While the NHL is still a second-rate league at best to the NFL, at least the NHL did something.

I'll close with this: What exactly did the fan say to piss Rypien off that much?

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