Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The NHL's Big Problem (One of them anyway)

The Canadian Judge Punishes Craig Anderson For A Terrible Dive

At the tail end of the Avalanche at Flyers game, when Colorado was flopping at sight of anything orange to "draw" a penalty, the unthinkable happened. The NHL actually called an unsportsmanlike conduct - DIVING penalty. Yes, diving. Now goaltender interference was also called, but it's a start. Here's to hoping that the NHL cracks down on this sissy embellishment trend, and even further, maybe make diving a double-minor. Technically, calling a 2-minute minor for being a bitch isn't family friendly, so, a 4-min double-minor for diving sounds reasonable when an opposing penalty is called, and just 2-min minor when there is no opposing penalty. Yes, make the diving player's team KILL a penalty instead of MANUFACTURE a power play. That will stop embellishment in its tracks, as there will be a severe risk to go with the potential 'reward'. The league's long-term success or failure depends on the NHL cleaning up the on ice product, and this bush league soccer faking-death crap has got to go. Who knows what Bettman will do next...

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