Saturday, May 14, 2011

An update to a previous post

On November 4th, I posted an article regarding Crosby fighting Matt Niskanen. In the article, I stated that star players fighting is great for the team.

I was right.

19-4-1 in the following 25 games, which included a 12 game winning streak, during which Crosby scored at least one point. Two hat tricks, 4 other two goal games. 16 multi-point games. 26 goals, 24 assists.

Ovechkin followed up not too long afterward, and the team responded nicely as well, to the tune of 6-1-3 in the following ten games. Which represented 75% of the possible 20 points earned during that span - if the team had maintained that pace all season, they would have finished with 138 points, or 6 ahead of the 77-78 Canadiens for most all time.

Just sayin'...

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