Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NHL All-Star Game, Sort Of

So that is who's responsible for this shit.

Seriously, what the fucking hell just happened? The NHL just released their personally-selected all-star roster today. Yes, I realize I linked to ESPN in a hockey article, fashion faux pas. At any rate, you would think the team leading the conference by two points, with two games in hand, would have a bunch of players chosen, especially with fans out of the equation right (remember the Montreal-hosted game)? WRONG. The Napoleonic troll that runs the NHL has managed to screw up yet another thing, with THIRTY SIX CHOICES. The only Philadelphia Flyer to make the game was Claude Giroux (his first).

Other egregious errors:
  • Two Atlanta Thrashers made the roster (Team 7th East), though big buff is doing a hell of a job with 41 pts and +7 in 45gp.
  • Two Chicago Blackhawks (Team 8th West), specifically Patrick Kane. 35gp, 13g, 18a, -7 and 49th in points overall.
  • Marc Staal and 43gp 6g 11a +9 49th in points for defenceman, NOT overall players.
  • Mike Green as a defenseman. Trying to imagine him as an all-star caliber defenseman is laughable at the very least, but here are the stats anyway: 35gp 8g 12a +8
Biggest snub is 6th in the league in goals and 8th in +/- (somehow)...Danny Briere. Now you understand the 'somehow'.

The silver lining here is the rest the team will receive. As much of a sham as I find the all-star game, it is a nice line for the players' resume. Several Flyers are getting fucked by the NHL.

On a final note, the guardian project is stupid, and hockey stars aren't heroes (the promo for the all-star game commercial, didn't find a link). Period.

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