Monday, November 8, 2010

Flyers Extend Claude Giroux - 3 Yr 11.25m

Quiz Question: What's My Name Clarke?

Possibly the only Flyer who shows up every game, Claude Giroux, will not get a whiff of restricted free agency at the end of this season. In one of the BEST moves of the rather erratic Paul Holmgren's GM tenure, 'Roo will be locked in with a 3 year, 11.25 million USD contract. And, he deserves every single penny. I have no idea how he's not managing to squeeze a few more bucks out of Homer, but I don't really care. I'll take the man who Gagne referred to as having Forsberg-like vision and skill for the 3.75 million cap friendly number please. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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  1. I agree, a great signing at a bargain price. Kind of surprised at the length, but I guess with uncertainty of the future of free agency, they don't want to take him all the way to UFA-land.

    Are those fans at a Thrashers game? haha